Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Little Girl Turns Six!

Happy Birthday, my sweet little girl!

How have six years passed since that crazy, Saturday morning where we barely made it to the hospital in time for your birth?

You surprised us that day, and you continue to surprise us with your vivacious and joyful ways!

This year Abigail has grown so much! Our first year back in the States, her first year here since she was one-year-old. So much to see, so much to do.

Abigail is still my social butterfly and loves to play with her brothers and friends. I continue to pray for her as she become more socially aware. We have had to address some of her language and expressions (as-in "not what we say, even if your friends at school say it").

One great example of her new social perspective... a few weeks into school she asked me if she had to have bangs in her hair. She proceeded to tell me that most of her friends at school did not have bangs. We talked about how she would have to wear her hair out of her face (and leave those clips in during school ... not normally her fav), and that it would take a long time for her hair to grow ... and we decided she was ready to grow out her bangs.

When we first moved back, Abigail was a few months into the primary 1 (kindergarten-equivalent) program in Scotland. She was finally starting to show interest and excitement about learning letters and numbers.

She was too young to start school here, so she joined her brother in home-schooling. We had fun and she enjoyed reviewing her alphabet, learning numbers and recognizing sight words. But her real academic growth started with her time at the local Elementary school in Kindergarten these last few months.

It is so wonderful to see her excelling in school and loving it. Her teacher loves her patience and persistence. She is learning to read and write, and loves math. I am amazed at how quietly she sits and listens to everything her teacher says. And she waits patiently when others in the class struggle and need a little more time.  So proud of her hard work! We are still working on not over-reacting when frustrated by things she is still learning to do (like writing or reading).

This is the year Abigail has discovered her LOVE of crafting! It is the only activity that I have ever seen her do for LONG stretches of time without getting frustrated, giving up or getting too restless to continue. She sits and crafts while I read chapter books to her; while waiting for dinner; while waiting for her brother to finish his homework; anytime, really...  It seems to be one of her ways of processing what she is learning at school. She makes word-crafts, number-crafts, addition and subtraction-crafts. Everything from school seems to turn into a craft, picture, note, scroll, decoration, etc. Very fun!

Abigail is a wonderful sister. She plays most anything with her big brother, always the peacemaker, willing to compromise and share in order to make him happy. And she has a special relationship with her little brother, finding sweet ways to help him in a very motherly way.

My little princess turns 6 year old! And continues to be a joy and blessing to our family. Doesn't that wonderful smile just say it all!?! I continue to pray for the love of God to shine through her sensitive heart to bring hope and healing to those around her!
Happy Birthday, Abigail!

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