Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy First Birthday, Micah!

Micah turns one year old today! Can it really have been a year since we welcomed Micah into our family?

I remember so vividly that night we rushed to the hospital, and about 1.5 hours later I was snuggling my new baby. He continues to be my snuggliest baby and I'm loving every minute of it!

Now to some facts and stats about Micah as he turns one-year-old.

Weight: 20 pounds / ~15th percentile
Height: 31 inches / 90th percentile

At one year old, Micah still eats anything. He has really been enjoying roasted chicken lately.  But I am having to add healthy oils and fats to his diet, just like his siblings.

Micah has finally decided that crawling is faster than  his military-type crawl on his stomach. And everyone is surprised at how fast he gets into things. This new activity level has also impacted his weight gain (or lack of, actually).

He is also so excited about standing up whenever he can find someone or something to help him up. But he is not making any moves to start walking.

Micah now has 8 teeth in his little mouth, and he loves to chew on everything.

Last month Micah started saying a 4 or 5 words regularly. I have so enjoyed his new expressions. This month, he really has focused more on his standing and crawling; not much has changed in his communication. But he did finally stop screaming just for the reaction! Whew!

The biggest change this month has really been in Micah's sleep. FINALLY, he is sleeping through the night more often than not. And he goes down with only about 15 minutes of snuggles and walking. After more than a year of sleep deprivation, I am so thankful that we are finally getting some sleep again.

We all love this little boy so much! He makes us laugh, even at stressful times, and add so much joy and depth to our lives. We are so thankful!

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