Thursday, March 21, 2013

Micah at Seven Months Old

Micah is seven months old now!

I know, I know... he turns eight months old next week, but this mama is in denial about how quickly time is passing, so we'll stick with seven months old as long as possible.

He is now 27 inches tall, having grown a whole inch in the last two months. And he weighs 18 pounds, jumping from the 35 to the 50 percentile since he started solid food.

This good-natured little boy has changed so much since we moved back to the States a little over two months ago. Here are some of his biggest accomplishments:
  • He is now sitting like a pro.
  • He loves baby food and is really putting on the pounds.
  • He does a great military crawl and can get most any where that interests him.
  • He responds so cheerfully to his big brother and sister.
  • He has found his tongue and loves to talk with it sticking out and feeling it between his FOUR teeth.
  • He discovered how to shake his head and loves to make everyone laugh by shaking it "no" in answer to any and all questions or statements. It is really so funny how he uses this form of communication!

He still gets up two to three times at night, but finally goes to sleep at a normal time and tends to go back to sleep easily. He is also getting better at sleeping without always being held. We are still working on consistent naps, but I am encouraged that I may actually get to sleep through the night again someday...

I love listening to him giggle at Joshua's physical comedy (today he was laughing just watching  Joshua laugh so hard he had tears), or listening to him coo when Abigail sweetly sings her little made-up songs to him. My heart melts at the way Micah's face lights up when he spots Daddy in the room. And I am blessed by the love and cuddles that Grandma and Grandpa give him each day.

We love our little Micah. He is so sweet and brings so much joy. We are so thankful God gave him to our family.

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