Friday, October 5, 2012

Micah is 10 weeks old!

Micah turned 10 weeks old yesterday! I am amazed at how quickly the time has gone. Here is a picture of him prepared for a crisp autumn morning walk to take the big kids to school.

Ready for a crisp autumn morning walk to school.
He had his first doctor's visit since he was born. And he got his first jabs (shots) for immunizations. Everything looks great, including his heart and hips (which they seem to pay close attention to in his exam).

Here are his updated stats:
   ~ Weigh: 5.560kg (12lb 5.5oz) - 35 percentile
   ~ Height: 61cm (24 inches) - 80 percentile

He is a tall, but little guy (I can hardly believe he is already 2 feet tall). He wears a great double chin, but is still working on gaining all his leg rolls.

Joshua and Abigail continue to dote on their little brother, and he rewards them with wonderful smiles. He has Joshua's expressions - sometimes he reminds me so much of Joshua. But then he smiles and looks so much like Abigail. Needless to say he looks like his big brother and big sister.

Micah has added wonderful joy to our family! We are excited about the years to come!

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