Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 34

I can hardly believe how quickly the last few months have passed. This little baby boy is now 34 weeks old and getting ready to come in the next 6 weeks.

It has been a blessing to have a few months where food looked good again and I have been able to eat. The last two weeks I started experiencing more heart burn than I remember with my previous pregnancies, but at least that is easier to treat.

This baby boy feels bigger than my other two kids, and I know I am getting bigger, too. He also moves -- I mean really moves, full on somersaults -- all the time, more that the other two as well.

We had another ultrasound scan last week and everything still looks good. He is still growing consistently and is happy and healthy.

Because of my history, I will be visiting the midwife every week from here until delivery to make sure all is well. We will also have another ultrasound scan at 37 weeks. The OB thinks I will probably have this baby a few weeks early based on when the other two kids were born. As long as all is well, I do not mind having this baby a little sooner.

Joshua and Abigail are so excited about our baby joining the family. We are excitedly praying for a happy, healthy in a few weeks!


  1. So excited for you. Can't wait to see pictures and hear a name for this new little boy in your family. Hopefully we can see you (if you are in Seattle area) when we live in Spokane, sometime next year!

  2. You look wonderful. I hope everything goes really well and look forward to "meeting" the little fellow.

  3. U look amazing Christie!! Im glad U R feeling good. I cant wait to see his cute little face. Im sure he will be just as cute as the other two cuties. Please keep me posted and looking forward to seeing pixs. Please tell my brother Hi, and Im thinking of U all! Love U guys

  4. You look so beautiful and healthy. I am so thrilled for you both.
    Love you, Dad


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