Friday, June 22, 2012

Life keeps moving...

So much has happened in the last month. It really is time for a good family update.

About a month ago, Darren was presented with the possibility of getting involved this fall as a teaching assistant with a few theology classes at the University of Aberdeen. We were suddenly faced with the idea extending our stay here.

Shortening all the drama and stress of the last few weeks, we are staying in Aberdeen until Christmas break, instead of moving back to the States in September. We are sad to delay our reunion with family, but know this is a great opportunity ... and it is only three extra months.

The next month looks to be totally crazy for us, but God always proves himself faithful, as he did with all the details for our extended stay...
  • The kids get out of school for the summer on June 29. 
  • We say goodbye to two of our best friends on July 2 -- both families are moving away on the same day. 
  • We will be moving to a new flat on July 3 -- circumstances made it impossible to stay in our current flat. 
  • And this new baby boy will be joining our family sometime in the next 2 to 4 weeks.
In other news, the kids are doing great. Joshua just received a special award of merit for his hard work and outstanding attitude at school this last year (proud mom has to brag a little), only two were given in his class.

Abigail is so excited about next school year; she gets to go into P1 (kindergarten) instead of staying in preschool. This was a hard decision for me because they start kids in school a year younger here than in the States, but she was ready to move on.

I am feeling third-trimester tired these days, but overall I am doing well. Our new little boy is still growing well. We have another ultrasound next week to confirm that all is well. The doctor anticipates that I will deliver early based on my history, so this new baby will probably arrive around July 8 - 15, even though I'm not due until July 22.

Darren is working hard on his thesis, trying to get as much done as possible before the baby comes. He also has a great opportunity to give a paper at a conference about theology in Galatians on July 11 (pray the baby doesn't come that day).

So, life keeps moving, but in all the craziness, God is faithful!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Joshua's Sports Day

Last week Joshua's school held their annual Sports Day. Because of the Olympics in London this year, the school themed their sports activities after the Olympics. The kids were all assigned countries and competed together through a series of events.

As the event started, the teams paraded in holding flags from their country that they made in school. Joshua was on the team from Lithuania.

Joshua was very enthusiastic about all the events. I love his expression while kicking the ball. He threw his entire body into it.

Other events included the hurdles (jumping over short cones), the bean bag toss, the relay race and the hoop jumping.

Abigail and Daddy were cheering him on the entire time. What a great day!

Check out more pictures on Facebook.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 34

I can hardly believe how quickly the last few months have passed. This little baby boy is now 34 weeks old and getting ready to come in the next 6 weeks.

It has been a blessing to have a few months where food looked good again and I have been able to eat. The last two weeks I started experiencing more heart burn than I remember with my previous pregnancies, but at least that is easier to treat.

This baby boy feels bigger than my other two kids, and I know I am getting bigger, too. He also moves -- I mean really moves, full on somersaults -- all the time, more that the other two as well.

We had another ultrasound scan last week and everything still looks good. He is still growing consistently and is happy and healthy.

Because of my history, I will be visiting the midwife every week from here until delivery to make sure all is well. We will also have another ultrasound scan at 37 weeks. The OB thinks I will probably have this baby a few weeks early based on when the other two kids were born. As long as all is well, I do not mind having this baby a little sooner.

Joshua and Abigail are so excited about our baby joining the family. We are excitedly praying for a happy, healthy in a few weeks!

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