Friday, May 25, 2012

Enjoying the Sun

This has been an extremely cold and wet and gray spring here in Aberdeen. We've had almost no sun for weeks, and been experiencing hail, mixed rain and snow, and just lots of cold rain. Except for a few days in early March, it has not gotten above about 45 degrees at all. Needless to say, it has not been a nice spring.

Then the sun came out and everything changed. For the few days we have enjoyed summer-like weather with warm temperatures (high 60's -- which is about as warm as it gets) and beautiful sunny skies. We have been spending all our time outside.

Just a few of the highlights...

We've enjoyed lots of water play in the paddle pool and water table with friends.

We've eaten picnic lunches and dinners on the King's College campus with friends.

Today I took Joshua out of school for his lunch break so he could come play in the water with Abigail and friends. He was so surprised, but thrilled with the opportunity.

After school today we went down to the beach to play in the sand and water. We had hours of fun! The kids were exhausted and fell asleep very quickly tonight. The above picture is the only one I got at the beach today on my phone... the camera batteries were dead.

I forgot to apply sun screen to myself after so diligently protecting the kids. My arms are still bright pink from the first day in the sun.

What a glorious week this has been! The forecast says we have at least a few more days to soak in the sun. Maybe this means we will have a nice summer. One can hope...

Happy Spring!

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  1. YEAH for sunshine in Aberdeen! Sounds like a great week. Love the picture of the kids.


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