Tuesday, March 6, 2012

20 Week Ultrasound

On Monday this week we had out 20 week ultrasound scan of the baby.

At this scan they measure the baby's growth and check the heart, spine, internal organs, more to see that everything is developing well and on schedule.

This is also the scan where you often find out the gender of the baby. However, here in Aberdeen it is their policy NOT to tell you the gender of the baby.

I am not entirely sure where this policy came from, but this is the only place in the UK that this policy exists (as far as I am aware). I have heard rumors that it was to decrease the number of pregnancies terminated over gender, but I have no idea if this is true.

All that to say, unless we pay out of pocket for a private scan, we are going to be surprised on the gender of our baby #3.

Part of me thinks the surprise is fun, but part of me really likes the idea of preparing for a specific gender with clothes and things, not to mention picking out names and being mentally prepared.

For now I can say that our baby is healthy and growing right on schedule.

And because of our history, we'll get to see the baby again at two additional scans that are scheduled for 30 weeks and 34 weeks just to keep track of progress.

Check out picture #4. The baby is arching his/her neck backward as if stretching. The baby did this several times during the scan so the technician gave us a picture of it.

And I love the shot of the feet in the last picture. So precious!

It was a great blessing to see the baby again and laugh at how active he/she was throughout the entire scan. Wonder if that means we're in for a really active baby?

We have reached the half way point and are excited as we count down the weeks until baby is born!


  1. Great pictures!! Baby is being beautifully formed in his/her mother's womb!

  2. Awww (sigh)....keep wel.

  3. As usual, I am behind my mil... ;) Regardless, yea for baby #3!!!


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