Thursday, October 20, 2011

Joshua's Lost a Tooth

Joshua lost his first tooth today! 

After it fell out, he literally lost the tooth as well... We can't find it anywhere!

Instead of being excited, he was so upset about his tooth that he didn't tell anyone and curled up in bed this afternoon. Without even knowing his loose tooth had come out, I sent him off to a friend's house while Darren and I went on a date. When I picked him up, my friend was totally surprised that I hadn't told her about it! I was shocked that Joshua never told me.

He is quite excited about it now. He has figured out that this is a good thing and he can get something out of it. In spite of Abigail's claims that the tooth fairy is not real, Joshua wrote a letter to the tooth fairy explaining that he can't find his tooth, but asked if he could still get a prize. He is sleeping with the letter under his pillow right now. So cute.

UPDATE 10/21: The dentist said it would be more than a week before the tooth fell out, so I was a little unprepared. But Joshua was pleased with his prize. He woke up to find a new Thomas the Train toothbrush and a £1 coin. I have never seen him so excited to brush his teeth...


  1. Another sign of his growing up!! Congrats Joshua you'll be getting a new big tooth soon.

  2. LOVE the letter to the tooth fairy!!! I hope he got something really fun. :)


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