Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall, Friends and Fun

During the autumn break from school, we occupied our days with friends and fun! Here are some our fun moments over the last few weeks. These pictures are all courtesy of Emily (Miss Mommy, on the left, my BFF in Scotland. She is sooooo awesome, and I just love her!! Her two children are simply fabulous as well.) Ha!

Abigail and Luke dressing up! These two are great pals. They attend nursery school together, and church not to mention just about everything else. They get so excited around each other. I think we (their moms) have decided they better not sit together during the children's sermon at church any more. Last Sunday we had some jumping, dancing and just exuberant fun!

Not sure what Abigail is pondering here, but it must be something great.

And another set of costumes. I love the Rebekah in full armor over her bridal gown, and the knighted chicken and ballerina! Wonderful!

And the kids winding down in front of a movie after a busy day of fun!


  1. Love the description of me...it's as if I wrote it myself. ;)

  2. Christy your smile is beautiful.


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