Friday, September 30, 2011

Quick Update....

Sorry about the long break from blogging. We are all fine, just very busy. I am having difficulty finding time and energy for blogging. And now my computer (Darren's 5-year-old laptop) is on the fritz again, so I am without computer access much in the evenings. I have ordered some parts that will hopefully fix the problem... or maybe a new laptop is in my future.

The last three days have been the best and warmest weather of the year here in Aberdeen. I think it might have even reached 70 degrees today. Beautiful! Fall is here, though, so the warmth won't last for long. We crunched on leaves walking back from school today, and the trees are all turning colors.

Joshua and Abigail are LOVING school. Joshua is working on his writing skills, practicing his lowercase letters that he recognizes but never uses in his writing. They are also learning to recognize key words in their reading. Joshua thoroughly enjoys being able to read some of the words during bedtime stories. He doesn't seem in a big hurry to be reading all on his own. I can tell, though, that it will not be long.

Abigail has found a whole new level of confidence being on her own in school. She really did take the lead from Joshua most of the time, so this is a stretching time for her as well. She seems so grown up now, and has her own friends apart from Joshua. It is very strange for me. She is so happy and gets so excited about preschool (nursery).

We took a family trip to Edinburgh a few weeks back... I'll post pictures soon. We also had a lovely visit from my Uncle Pete and Aunt Julie. They mostly explored Scotland on their own, but they spent the evenings with us for the first week, and Abigail and I got to show them their first castle before they picked up their car rental.

Darren has been very busy with conferences and articles. Now that the school year has started he is busy with tutoring and seminar, in addition to the regular load of researching and writing his thesis.

As a leader in AWF again this year, my time has been spent preparing for the new families coming to Aberdeen to study this fall. With several new professors at the university, there are more new students starting this year than we had last year. This Monday will be our first big meeting of the year. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. And our Bible Study will start up the second week in October.

So, life is keeping busy. I am hoping that we fall into a nice routine now that school has started and we all have a better idea of our time commitments. But I guess so many changes just keeps life interesting.

Happy Autumn!

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