Sunday, August 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

What a great week! The sun came out and we had some nice, almost summery days.

Abigail had a wonderful week in nursery. She started out at thirty minutes and quickly moved to the full two and a half hours. I was a little surprised at how tired she was after class, though. I forgot how much time it took for Joshua to build up the stamina to be at school all afternoon, everyday. She is one tired little girl, but loving every moment at school

Joshua is so ready to start school. Thursday will be his first day in Primary 1 / P1 (Kindergarten). The kids start one day in the afternoon, with a small group (5 or 6 kids) and spend the entire time getting to know each other and their teacher. Then they move to a few weeks of mornings only. Joshua won't start full days until September 5.

Here is the menu for the coming week.

Check out more great meal ideas at Organizing Junkie.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Hi Christy, long time, no comment.
    As always your meals for the week look scrummy. and I love the family pic on your header. Spectacular!


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