Monday, August 8, 2011

Faerie Glen on Isle of Skye

We spent an entire day driving around Isle of Skye. One of the most beautiful locations we visited was Faerie Glen, just west of Uig.

The hills were beautifully textured with rolling waves of grass. And the green grass was dotted everywhere with white sheep and goats. In the distance, we could hear the waterfalls on the far hillside. Incredible!

The sheep were still covered in thick wool because it was still spring. The sheep had mostly moved to higher pastures by the time we started our hike, but we enjoyed listening to their voices echoing in the hills.

We parked our car by this loch and started hiking into the glen. We didn't have a destination, but ended climbing to the top of that rocky hill above the loch.

I loved all the rocks and moss at the bottom of the glen. But we needed to head up quickly to escape the bugs in the trees.

The kids were so excited about the climb to the top of this rock formation. The view was exhilarating!

The kids loved climbing up and down through the glen. Joshua especially felt a courage and freedom to lead and explore.

In one of the valleys between the hills there was a little fern growing on a noll; we had to take a picture of the kids admiring it.

And back to the climbing and exploring... This was one of the kids' favorite stops of the day.

After our wonderful climb, we had to get a family shot of the rock-hill we conquered. Check out more shots of this amazing Faerie Glen.

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