Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Words in the Wild

As part of the Word Festival here at University of Aberdeen, we attended Words in the Wild at the Woodend Barn in Banchory (about 40 minutes outside of Aberdeen).

Behind the Arts Center, they have a "wild" garden where they often host children's events and exploration of nature. We were given bags to collect pieces of nature to use in our art project.

Abigail was most excited about the buttercups, though she also found some red leaves and purple flowers to include in her bag.

The kids loved exploring the garden. We enjoyed the plants and rocks, the flowering trees and bushes.

We checked out the pond to see if we could find some newts or other little creatures. There was also a wonderful bridge across the end of the pond that Joshua ran across repeatedly.

The kids loved the old boat set up by the shore of the pond. Joshua asked a million questions about how the boat would work, where the oars fit, and how it would float with the holes in the bottom.

Following our tromp through the garden, we headed inside to make bookmarks out of the bits of nature we collected. Then we gathered for story time, and enjoyed a playful reading of The Gruffalo, one of our favorite stories of the wild, "deep dark" woods!

Wonderful family day out in the wild, expanding our view and understanding of the stories we love! Check out more pictures from our adventures.


  1. This looks like such a great outing! I think I would have loved it too!


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