Friday, June 24, 2011

Joshua's Sports Day

A few weeks ago, Joshua's class had their annual sports day. This year was a little crazy because the nursery school (preschool) was included with the P1 thru P3 classes, but the little kids did great!

Joshua was so excited for the races and relays they had practiced all week. They were so patient sitting on their blankets waiting for their turn.

Abigail enjoyed all the races, but was a little disappointed that they didn't have time for any sibling or parent races. She did have a great view of the action, though.

Above is Joshua in the bucket-shovel relay races. I love to see how his running has improved over the last year.

He was also so careful to follow the rules to balance the hoop on his head without using his hands at all.

We all had a lovely day! The sun came out for the celebration, though the wind was quite chilly.

As a treat at the end, the kids were all given popcicles from the teachers and bouquets of flowers from his friends! More great pictures in our Sport's Day photo album.

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  1. So exciting to hear of the changes and amazing development in Joshua and Abigail! That last picture with you and Abigail is a good picture of you, though I had to take a second look to see that it was actually you.


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