Monday, May 2, 2011

York Fire Station

The York Fire Station was one of the wonderful surprises during our York trip. We had walked past the fire station several times during the week, and Joshua was always excited to look at the trucks through the windows.

On Saturday morning when we walked past, the trucks were all parked outside and the firefighters were cleaning the garage. We took some pictures from across the street, when one of the firefighters invited us to come look at the station.

The kids were thrilled. They got to "drive" the truck and try on the helmets. Joshua had a chance to try out the new heat camera.

Then the firefighter opened up the sides of the truck to show off all the equipment. Below, the kids are standing right next to the "jaws of life". Joshua was very impressed at how big the jaws are in real life.

This unplanned, surprise visit to the fire station (including a good look at their fireman polls), was one of the highlights of the trip for the kids. What a fun day!

There are more pictures in our York photo album with Abigail driving the truck, the new helmets with gold-tinted visors and more.

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