Friday, May 6, 2011

National Railway Museum in York

I know I have given you so many posts on our trip to York. This really is the last one. There are about 200 pictures of our trip in our online album, and are so many great shots that I didn't post on the blog.

On our last day in York, we headed to the National Railway Museum, just behind the train station where we could catch our commuter train back to Aberdeen.

The kids were so excited about so many trains. We were at the museum for several hours, but could have stayed several more and still had things to do.

Joshua loved seeing the pistons up close and was amazed at how big the nuts and bolts were on a real train. They even had a cross-section split of a steam engine that showed how the coal, water, fire, water and steam powered the engine.

Joshua was excited about his visit to the driver's seat on one of the Japanese high speed trains that was visiting from Japan.

Abigail enjoyed all the hands-on exhibits and especially the story time about Queen Victoria and her travels to York in her specially-designed, innovative coaches.

The highlight of the visit for Joshua was our ride on a replica of one of the first steam engines. The engineer opened up the firebox to show us the fire while he shoveled in coal. Very cool!

What a wonderful museum and an exciting learning time with the kids! Our York trip was an incredible family time and the best trip they kids have done yet.

In addition to the destinations and pictures posted on the blog, our photo album also includes the Yorkshire Museum and Gardens, and more beautiful shots of the York Minster.

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