Monday, May 9, 2011

Balvenie Castle

During one of our sunny weekends, we headed out for some more castle exploration. We decided on a visit to Balvenie Castle about a hour northwest of Aberdeen.

Once we got outside the city, the temperatures were much higher and I was actually comfortable in my short sleeves for the first time this year. Of coarse the kids have been ready for short sleeves for weeks now.

This is a small castle that was originally a defensive fort but was converted into a palace of sorts. We enjoyed the towers and beautiful courtyard.

The kids found every possible wall and steps to climb. I enjoyed exploring the cave-like store rooms and servants quarters, though Joshua finds it a little unnerving to go into dark, damp rooms.

There are two round staircases on each side of the entrance leading up into the living quarters. We wound our way up one and down the other, enjoying the view from the upper stories.

We spotted some Highland Coo's in a field nearby. There was a walking trail through the middle of the fields, so we wandered up after our castle tour to check out he cows. I still enjoy seeing highland cattle!

Beautiful day! Amazing weather! Great castle! Fun family outing! Check out more pictures in our Balvenie Castle photo album.

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