Friday, April 29, 2011

York: Saint Mary's Abbey

The ruins of St. Mary's Abbey are enclosed by the York Museum Gardens. The original building here was a Norman church built in 1088, but the current ruins are the primarily the restoration work in the late 1200's.

 The Abbey was dismantled by King Henry VIII's reformation of the church in the 1500's. Some of the stain glassed windows and other artifacts survived, however, when they were sold to private collectors and preserved through time.

These beautiful ruins are the prefect location for enjoying a picnic in the park on a sunny day. Which is exactly what we did before visiting the museum!

The kids were right at home among the fallen pillars. They have become quite accustomed to climbing the many ruins we have visited in the last two years.

These arched windows were backed by flowering cherry trees in pink and white. The entire area was bursting with the new life of spring.

We had a wonderful afternoon in the Yorkshire Museum Gardens before heading inside the museum to learn about the Roman's and the history of York. There are so many more wonderful pictures in our online album.

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    That said, the first pic on this post is so cool!


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