Thursday, April 28, 2011

York Minster Cathedral

The York Minster is the largest Gothic cathedral in the U.K. and the fourth largest in the world. This cathedral was built in the 1220's incorporating the Norman church that was built on this sight in the 1100's. There are still some portions of the Norman church visible in the current cathedral.

The beautiful spires and height of this church draw your attention upward, preparing you for worship. While we were touring, the boy's choir was practicing for evensong, so we were treated to incredible organ music and singing.

Joshua was enthralled by the stain glass windows. They actually removed the windows during WWII to preserve them during the blitz. Abigail was more interested in the writing on the floor.

The Quire and organ are so beautiful. In the midst of the cold granite, this warm brown and gold space was so inviting. And the heights, again, raise your attention and thoughts to God in awe and worship.

This beautiful, round room, called the Chapter House, is nicely designed for acoustics. They still use this space for meetings of the Dean and Chapter. Along the rounded walls are seats for each member emphasizing equality; by design, no one can claim a central seat.

The kids enjoyed the fact that they could talk to me across the room without needing to yell, although in their excitement they did start yelling. They also enjoyed the beautiful and inventive carvings along the walls (you have to check out the pictures on Facebook to see what I mean).

There is a quiet park behind the cathedral that provides an amazing view at least at this time of year, before the leaves fill the trees. More posts from York coming up soon. Check out more pictures in our album: York - April 2011.

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