Wednesday, April 27, 2011

York: Clifford's Tower

There are only a few walls remaining of the castle defensive walls, so the kids were disappointed that there was no actual castle to tour. Ciffords tower, however, was the main defense (the keep) for the castle since the late 1200's.

The kids were thrilled with the climb up the big hill to reach the tower. The hillside was covered in fading daffodils ... it must have been glorious a week or two before.

The inside of the tower has so many windows and nooks to seek out. It was a fun location. We also enjoyed the little chapel that was set up with some educational materials.

It was quite a nice climb up the old stone staircase to the top of the tower, but it was well worth the view. We could see the entire city from up there. The York Minster's spires were clearly visible over the tops of the buildings (see in the furthest distance in the picture below).

Joshua was very quick to point out the fire station that was also visible from the top of the tower. You could also see our hotel just beyond the castle walls, but you will have to come back soon to see more pictures.

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