Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sunny Spring Days in the Park

Spring is here! Tuesday morning was amazingly beautiful, sunny and warm. We met our friends in the park for a spontaneous picnic lunch!

After an early lunch, the kids played on the play ground with such exuberance and excitement! I love Abigail's expression here on the equipment.

Joshua took every opportunity to slide down the "fireman's pole." This pole is his favorite feature of the "little train park", as we call it.

In the fall, when we last spent time at this park, Abigail was practicing her climbing, but still always wanted me behind her. Now she confidently climbed her way up and down the playground. What a clear picture to me of how she has grown over the last few months.

And Joshua has recently become very excited about scooters! A few months ago he was frustrated with scooters because he tired too quickly. Now he can hardly get enough of them. My little boy is growing stronger every day!

We are looking forward to many more days in the park this spring a summer! Check out the rest of the pictures on Facebook: Sunny Spring Days in the Park

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