Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stones and Diggers

The sun came out last weekend and we took a family drive out into the countryside to visit an ancient stone circle. We followed a big flat-bed truck down a little county lane (literally only a narrow lane). When we arrived at the tiny parking lot, we realized the truck had stopped and the digger was being unloaded. We follow the digger on foot down the lane between the fields as we went to find the stone circle.

This is the Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle in Aberdeenshire, thought to be 4000 to 5000 years old.

When we arrived at the stones, we discovered the camera battery was completely dead, so we only have a few pictures taken on Darren's mobile phone.

The kids had a great time running around and climbing on the rocks. Their favorite activity was hide-n-seek behind the upright stones.

It was a very rainy morning, but the sun shone beautifully all afternoon. It was a little muddy on our way through the fields to this site, but the kids were wearing wellies in anticipation of mud and puddles.

There are a few more stone circles in the area that I would like to check out, since I don't expect that we will ever make it down to Stonehenge.Wonderful family outing!

I hope to be posting regularly, now that I have a functioning computer again. Stay Tuned...

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