Monday, April 11, 2011

Huntly Castle

During the beautiful, spring weather this last week, we took a family outing to Huntly Castle. This was one of our favorite castles from last year, and it was fun to visit for a second time.

Joshua was especially excited about visiting this castle again. He kept reminding us again and again that Huntly was the third castle we visited after moving to Scotland. Last time we rode the bus (Stagecoach Bluebird 10) out to Huntly and walked up to the castle.

Abigail was so little she didn't remember Huntly at all. It was fun to explore it afresh with her. She loved the location by the river and kept wanting to see the water rushing by.

This castle was the home to the baron for over four hundred years and was beautiful in its day. There are still some signs of the amazing stonework that once filled the castle. There are also some older remains from the original homes before the main castle was built.

Beautiful day! Beautiful castle! Check out the rest of the pictures: Huntly Castle - April 2011

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