Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Huntingtower Castle

I know I promised pictures from York, but I still have over 400 hundred to sort through. In the mean time, here are some pictures from our evening visit of Huntingtower Castle down in Perthshire. We visited this castle back in November (our first castle outing with our new car), but I never got the pictures posted.

This castle was made up of two towers connected several hundred years ago by the family who lived there.

They have an interesting story about the time before the towers were connected... The daughter was enjoying the company of her visiting fiance in his room. A servant told her father and he rushed to the guest room. When the girl heard her father coming up the only staircase, she rushed up to the roof and jumped the 7 foot gap to the other tower and ran to her room. She easily convinced her father that she had been there all evening.

This castle is set up nicely for weddings. They were getting ready for one while we were there, so there were some portions of the castle we could not access. It would be a beautiful location to get married.

One of our favorite features of this castle is the roof access. The view is spectacular and the sides are high enough that you don't have to be afraid of the kids tipping over.

We were there right at sunset. The colors were brilliant, but hard to capture with our camera. Just picture the sky turning pink on the horizon, with the amazing view of Scottish fields of sheep and stone walls.

Another great feature of this castle is the dress-up options (or "fancy dress," as they call it here). We were here at the end of the day, so we only spent a few minutes dressing up, but they have some beautiful costumes from medieval times available to add inspiration to the visit.

What a fun family outing! If you have a membership to Historic Scotland, this is worth a quick visit when you are passing through the Perth area.

Check out more pictures in our album: Huntingtower Castle.

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