Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daffodils at Seaton Park

One of the best things about spring in Aberdeen is the incredible display of daffodils. They cover the parks, the yards, the sides of the highway, the center of round-abouts and even the wooded areas. Beautiful!

Last week the kids and I headed over to Seaton park to enjoy the sun and we were met with a full display of daffodils. Even the untouched, wooded area across the river was covered. I love the sight of the daffodils bursting with color among the trees that don't quite have their leaves yet.

We walked down by the River Don and enjoyed garden path and other spring flowers. The kids were quite energized by the intense feeling of spring. We are all quite ready to shed the coats and the gray skies for a little warmer, outdoor weather.

They were so sweet and joyful and moving-moving-moving, so it was hard to catch good pictures, but there were a few moments of stillness and rest to snap a few.

Joshua was especially enthusiastic about taking a walk. He wanted to walk the River Path around to the front of the park. So off we went to seek adventure.

Our walk was well over a mile long (not including the running around the park for 20 minutes before we started), but we had a wonderful time. Joshua actually walked the entire way; such a huge change over the little boy we brought here twenty months ago.

Beautiful day! There are some really great shots in our online album at: Daffodils at Seaton. Go take a look!

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