Sunday, November 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

What a busy week! Darren was gone for several days at a conference. Then I headed to Glasgow with some of the gals for a day out at the Country Christmas Faire. And to finish up the week, we had our AWF Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday with great food, fun and fellowship.

Now we have just 8 days until we leave for the States! And so much to do. This week's menu is based on using up everything we can from the fridge and freezer.

Here is the menu for this week!

  • Monday -- Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Tuesday -- Sweet 'n Sour Chicken - (scroll down to 'Chinese' for the recipe)
  • Wednesday -- Broiled Cod Parmesan
  • Thursday -- leftovers
  • Friday --Tacos
  • Saturday -- Chicken Tikka
  • Sunday -- Thanksgiving dinner - I'm making mashed potatoes and dressing (and maybe sweet potatoes and green beans)
Check out more great meal ideas at Organizing Junkie.

Happy Monday!

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