Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Elcho Castle ... sort of ...

Last weekend we drove down to Perth to see Elcho castle. We have wanted to stop here several times on the way through, but have always been short on time. Well, I forgot to check the open times ... and they were closed for the winter.

But it looks like a lovely place to visit. It is off the beaten path, however. It is close to the motorway, but it is quite a windy drive down to the river from the exit.

We drove through farms on a little one-lane road. We had to pull way over into the bushes to pass a car (not to mention the big tractor / backhoe that was digging ditches). And you have to go directly between some large barns before you reach the castle road.

But the fall colors were beautiful. We got out and stretched our legs...

I was sorely tempted to use this little gate and tour the grounds around the castle, but eventually decided that was probably not a good idea. Abigail looks to have had the same idea!

We did get a family picture from the car park! 
There are a few more pictures in the Elcho album on Facebook.

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  1. Bummer! I always want to jump gates like that, but Josh has this annoying sense of ethics...


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