Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Costumes and Candy!

We had great fun during this fall season of candy and costumes (fancy dress, as they call it here). This is the first year the kids were old enough to really be excited about costumes.

Joshua got to dress up for three separate parties during the past week. For school, he dressed like a pirate (as seen above), for Finlay's party (a friend from school) he dressed as a medieval knight, and for Halloween night he dressed as a firefighter (as seen in the Halloween 2010 photo album).

Abigail was not to be left out. When Joshua dressed for school, Abigail put on her new, yellow tutu and wore it all day. She was excited to also be invited to Finlay's party, and she wore her pink and purple faerie princess dress. And for Halloween, she wore the yellow and green Belle costume.

We had fun walking around with our friends to all the expat houses in the area. It was a chilly night, but we were happy it was not raining or windy.

We also had all the little kids come to our house for treats.

Our trick or treating route ended at Rachel's house for a big party and more yummy food. This shot of Abigail with chocolate frosting on her face, her eyes wide open and her arms waving around captures the fun of their sugar highs from the evening!

I posted more pictures in the Halloween 2010 photo album.

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