Friday, October 8, 2010

Sand castles at the beach...

In the beginning of September, we had some wonderful weather here in Aberdeen. We decided to take a family trip down to the beach.

The kids were thrilled. Their favorite activity at the beach is building sand castles. We were only going to spend about a hour in the sand, but they kept digging and building for much, much longer.

After Darren took a walk in the surf, Abigail was excited to try out the water for herself. She was very nervous about the speed of the waves coming at her, but had a wonderful time with Daddy.

Joshua spend most of his time putting finishing touches on his castle. He was thrilled at the number of feathers they found that could serve at flags at the top of the towers. He seems to have an obsession with flags right now, especially at the top of castles and tall buildings.

Abigail embraced the sand, in all its glory and grit. She has no fear of getting dirty and wet. She quickly took off her shoes the moment it was allowed.

Joshua, on the other hand, is very particular about getting dirty. He left his shoes on (except for a short "strongly encouraged" walk in the sand); he had no desire to get wet in the ocean; and he did all his construction work while standing up.

As the last "flag" was put in place, we stood back to admire our hard work.

There are even more pictures of all our fun at Aberdeen Beach - Sept 2010.

To finish up the fun, we went to Burger King for dinner (they are right down near the water) and went shopping at ASDA (owned by Walmart, if you can imagine a smaller version of that US store), where the kids got to look at all the toys they wanted.

Everyone was very sleepy after our hard play! And Darren and I were quite worn out after the 4 miles of pushing the double stroller there and back again! What a wonderful day!

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