Friday, October 1, 2010

Rainy Days!

What a rainy day! We spent quite a bit of time walking in the wind and rain today.  On our walk home from school the kids were soaked. When we had to go out again, we were ready. They have on rain coats, waterproof trousers (over their jeans) and great wellies. Although, Abigail still looks pretty drenched in this picture.

When we returned home at 6pm, the road in front of our flat was flooded. Our poor little, drowning tree was the only marker for the edge of the sidewalk. The only way to our house in the front was through about six inches of water.

Joshua is sporting his new rain coat (or Firefighter's Vest, as he calls it). I was going to save it for his birthday, but it just seemed the perfect day to use it. Not to mention that he other rain coat was too short in the sleeves and his shirt got all wet on the way home from school.

After we were warm and dry inside, we watched from the living room windows to see how other people were dealing with the flooding. This guy walked along the wall in front of our yard. He then decided to jump the five-foot wall into the neighbors yard. All the in effort of keeping his feet dry ... well, and about six inches up his leg. This seemed to be a popular choice, though some brave people just carefully chose a path through the middle of the road.

What a fun, exhausting, wet afternoon! There are wet clothes and soaked jackets draped all over the house. Gotta love Aberdeen in the fall!

There are a few more pictures in my album, "Too Much Rain!"


  1. I see the kids in their latest fashion wear but what does mommie look like? Does she and daddy have wellies too? I never thought about Scotland being a place to have tropical downpours.
    And I thought the NW got rain, wow. You'll need a larger flat to just dry all the clothes.
    Thanks for the sporting picture of Joshua.

  2. I love all the rain gear, especially the fireman's raincoat!


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