Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finchale Priory near Durham

While touring the Durham Cathedral, it was recommended that we visit the Finchale Priory ruins nearby. The monks from the cathedral would spend time here during the summer for a retreat or holiday.

These beautiful ruins are quite lovely. They are managed by the English Heritage and entrance is free, however you have to purchase a parking token for £2 to leave the facility.

The kids enjoyed this priory. There were so many rooms to explore and broken walls to climb.

The priory was built on the edge of a beautiful river. The setting is so peaceful.

We watched boaters going up stream and enjoyed throwing sticks into the water. There is a bridge over the river and hiking trails on the opposite side.

But we spent most of our time enjoying the ruins. We also loved the little chickens, guinea fowl and peacocks wandering around the grounds.

This was a beautiful, restful stop on our first full day of touring Durham County.

I posted some more great pictures of the kids on Facebook at Finchale Priory - Sept 2010

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  1. You guys got some really great pics of the kids! I like the family pic too. Looks like a gorgeous place.


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