Thursday, October 7, 2010

Durham Castle

Durham Castle is located in the heart of the downtown shopping area. I love the view of it at the top of the hill overlooking the shops.

This castle is currently owned and used by Durham University. They still use this ancient building for classes, dormitories and even the cafeteria.

They do not allow photography inside the castle, but they do offer guided tours. We enjoyed seeing the current chapel with beautiful woodwork. The old chapel was built underground and has a dark mysterious feel to it.

The keep (the defensive tower of the castle) that is up on the hill behind Abigail and me in the picture below has been turned into dorms for upperclassmen.

This castle had a very different feel from any of the others we have seen. It was nice to have the tour, giving all the details. We also enjoyed the collection of swords and other weapons on display.

There are a few more pictures online: Durham Castle - Sept 2010.

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