Thursday, October 28, 2010

Decorating Pumpkins

Our playgroup meets every Wednesday morning. This week we were excited to decorate pumpkins together. This activity is not nearly as popular here as it is in the States, but we were able to find some fun decorating kits and a few pumpkins. And everyone had a wonderful time.

Our great friends purchased  pile of pumpkins for the morning, and my kids excitedly picked the ones they wanted. Abigail chose a cute, little pumpkin that was small enough for her to hold and carry.

Joshua chose the second, biggest pumpkin in the pile. I don't know what excited him about this pumpkin, but he love the idea that it looked like him.

Abigail poked in some funny face pieces into her pumpkin and then spent the next thirty minutes painting and drawing.

Joshua also chose his own face pieces, and a hat. Then it was time to use markers to add a little personality to his pumpkin.

Joshua was so proud of his finished product. It is happily displayed in the living room window for all the passerby's to admire.

Abigail is also pleased with her finished pumpkin. She added cute flower stickers in addition to the markers. And when we arrived home, she added Mr. Potato Head's fireman hat to the top.

Fun days! Check out more pictures at Decorating Pumpkins - Oct 2010


  1. Both pumpkins turned out well, and the kids and I enjoy seeing them in your window when we walk by!

  2. So fun and creative for the kids,What a wonderful way to decorate pumpkins. Much easier than my days. I'm sure you both are not sad missing your opportunity to carve them.
    The kids are so happy. Good Job


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