Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stirling Castle

Our next visit was to Stirling Castle (part of Historic Scotland), about a half hour down the road from Linlithgow Palace.

These towers are part of the gate house and towers. The castle is built on the top of a hill and offers an incredible of view of the city.

This unusual castle is really a collection of interesting buildings -- the King’s Old Building (built for James IV in 1496),  the Great Hall (James IV around 1503), the Palace (James V around 1540) and the Chapel Royal (James VI in 1594). 

The kids loved the cannons that line the defensive walls. They came back to these well preserved cannons and balls every chance they could.

The wall-walk was closed for repairs, as was the palace, but the great hall was impressive and gardens were beautiful.

The thrones still sit at the high table in the great hall. The kids loved sitting in the huge chairs and posing for pictures. 

Because the castle has been in use for so long, the buildings have been continuously updated and no longer feel like they are hundreds of years old.

Yes, we came back to the cannons. Joshua is pretending to light the cannon, after putting a cannon ball into it. I think he was aiming for some tall building the city below.

The castle garden was very beautiful and offers a wonderful view of the palace, one of the most striking buildings in the castle (at least from the outside).

We had a nice time at Stirling Castle. It was a very different experience than we have had before. I strongly recommend purchasing a tour book and following it through your exploration of the castle (otherwise you may spend the first 20 minutes wondering around trying to figure out where to go... that might have happened to us).

Check out more pictures at Stirling Castle - July 2010.

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  1. I love that last pic of y'all with the red flowers popping!


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