Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Durham Cathedral

While we were in Durham for Darren's conference, we had a chance to tour Durham Cathedral, one of the most impressive buildings I have ever seen. Construction on the current cathedral started in 1093 and was largely completed within 40 years.

This site has been a place of worship for over 1000 years, and the Cathedral has been in use for almost 900 years. The nave (pictured below) draws your eyes upward, and the atmosphere draws your heart to prayer and worship.

Photographer: Oliver-Bonjoch
I was quite intrigued by the continuous updates and renovations that have occurred in this structure. There are small shrines and chapels and altars dedicated for prayer and worship in memory of saints and many others. One I remember specifically was the chapel originally dedicated for prayer during WWI. This veteran's chapel has been used for prayer through both world wars and continues to be used by families of soldiers.

The kids were most interested in the stain glass windows. The entire front wall was covered in beautiful windows that told the stories of the gospels, the birth, life, death, resurrection and assent of our Lord. I was please at how this captured Joshua's attention, partly because he has never been in a church with windows quite this amazing, nor one where everyone has halos, but mostly because of the stories he has heard coming to life and dancing in the sunlight (yes, we had a beautiful sunny day, perfect for these windows)!

We enjoyed a beautiful stroll through the cloister. Of coarse, the kids just wanted to run around on the grass, but it was closed off and we decided that might not be appropriate.

I love this picture of Joshua and Darren, while daddy was showing Joshua the details of the cloister.

 The kids did have fun running around on the grass outside the large stain glass wall (behind us in the picture). I captured some moments of play in our photo album online.

If you ever in the Durham area, you should truly take the opportunity to visit this incredible Cathedral.
Enjoy the additional photos in our album: Durham Cathedral - Sept 2010


  1. Magnificent. Imagine a building 900 years old. You never see anything older than about 150 here in Oz!

  2. 900 years old--I can hardly imagine! Gorgeous!

  3. I like the pic of your boys.


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