Saturday, August 14, 2010

Starting week 7 - Bible in 90 Days Challenge

Read the Bible in 90 Days: Week 7 - I am right on schedule for today's reading.

We are staring week seven of our intensive reading through the Bible in 90 days. This week we started the book of Psalms and will take a full week to read through it.

There are a few things that have struck me during my reading.
  • Having all the chaos of Israel and Judah fresh in my mind, it makes the reading of Psalms a little different. Now when David makes statements about "inheriting the land" or other related references, I see in my mind the fighting and struggles that Israel had trying to possess their inheritance, and never really succeeding.
  • I was also struck by the description of some of the kings of Judah, doing what was right, but not like their father David, not with the whole heart. God wants everything, whole-hearted, reserving-nothing commitment.
  • I enjoyed reading more clearly about the temple and all that David established before handing it over to his son, Solomon, to build. He established the worship standards for the temple, with songs of praise continuously before the ark. Some of the psalms seem to be specifically written to encourage the priests who were working through the night (Psalm 134:1).  Now, as I read Psalms, I picture the scene set by David for worship prior to the building of the temple.
This last week has required much more commitment to keep going. I fell behind several times because of migraines, but was able to catch up. I am so excited that Tuesday marks the half-way point in this challenge.


  1. Great job, Christy! Keep it up! :)

  2. I too was able to read and see Psalms in a different light. Knowing David better through our readings has enlightened me greatly with Psalms. I see his praises, and worship towards God differently with his struggles, Israel's struggles fresh in my mind's eye.

    Congrats to you for keeping up with the reading. The half-way point is exciting.


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