Friday, August 13, 2010

St. Mary's Kirk

On our way home from Glenbuchat and Kildrummy Castles, we took a little detour through the countryside to visit an old, little country church, St. Mary's Kirk, that hasn't been used for about 100 years. 

All of the walls are intact, but the roof is entirely gone.
The kids enjoyed the chance to stretch their legs, while we wandered around.

Darren and I tried to explain that long ago this church was used for Sunday church services, like the ones we attend.

This church is set in beautiful country. I loved looking out the windows to see white sheep dotting the lush, green pastures.

I also enjoy how the church's architecture is constantly drawing your eyes to look up!

Beautiful kirk! I enjoyed the feel for how life was in the church in this rural area of Scotland years gone past.

There are a few more pictures on Facebook at St. Mary's Kirk - July 2010.

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  1. I love this little church! We went to it on my 30th birthday and Mark got some great portraits of me sitting in it's glassless windows. Sigh. Making me miss Scotland now! So glad you found this little jewel.


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