Monday, August 30, 2010

Plans this week...

I have been so busy lately, and most of my spare time has been spent keeping on schedule with the 90 day Bible Challenge. As life has gotten busier, it has been harder to keep up with the hour-a-day reading.

This week Darren is presenting a paper at the Patristics (Church Fathers) Conference in Durham, England. The kids and I are going to join him, making it a little family trip. I figured this might be my only chance to see the English countryside.

All that to say, I will be offline for another week. Maybe next week I'll get back to some regular posts. I still have pictures to share from the Jousting Tournament and several castles that we visited in July. And we'll add lots of pictures from our week in England.

Have a wonderful week! See you when I return on next Monday.


  1. We'll miss you!! Have a lot of fun and be sure to count minis!!

  2. Hi there! It is a while since I have called over and it reads as though you are doing lots of interesting stuff (and enjoying some lovely sounding food!) I look forward to seeing the Italian Stew recipe some time.
    The header is another beautiful castle. Scotland always looks so lush and green from where I sit, though we are having lovely rain here at present so I cannot complain.
    Have a great week.


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