Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kildrummy Castle

More stories of our second "car-rental-weekend," (back in mid-July, before Abigail's haircut)... On Friday we visited, Edzell Castle and Arbroath Abbey and for Saturday we planned a few castles to visit.

Our first stop was Kildrummy Castle, about an hour west of Aberdeen.

Kildrummy is a wonderful ruin, high on a hill overlooking the beautiful valley.

When this castle fell into ruin, many of the stones, doors, etc were carried a few miles up to build Glenbauchet Castle (the next castle on our tour... stay tuned).

In the picture above, this kids are climbing in the old kitchen (which was over old the prison). Much of the kitchen walls are black from the long-past fire that destroyed much of the castle.

The kids climbed into the bread over (that is missing its top) and were very amused at the idea of being bread in the oven. "We're bread!"

The kids loved this castle because of all the climbing opportunities it provides. Most of the interior walls are now only piles of rocks. There are very few heights to be reached, which makes me a little more relaxed with the kids and their exploration.

This was definitely a family favorite. Everyone enjoyed our time at this castle and I have already had requests to go back again soon.

Check out the rest of our pictures at: Kildrummy Castle - July 2010.

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