Thursday, July 15, 2010

St. Andrews Cathedral

A few weeks ago we drove down to St. Andrews to do a little site seeing. We wanted to spend some time at St. Andrews Cathedral, the Castle and walking the town and University. This was actually one of the other schools Darren considered before deciding on the University of Aberdeen for PhD studies.

Our drive down was overcast and drizzly, but we were pleasantly surprised that only a hour south of Aberdeen was beautifully sunny. We had wonderful weather for our trip.

Our first stop was St. Andrews Cathedral. This was our first church ruin and it was more inspiring than I had expected. To walk the grounds where people had worshiped for hundreds of years was incredibly humbling and gave a sense of communion with the saints who have gone before us.

There is so much history here at this site. The story is that St. Andrews bones were brought here after 300 A.D. when St. Rule established the city and place of worship. Although the documented story indicated that the spiritual community began here in the 700's.

This largest cathedral ever to be built in Scotland was dedicated in 1318, after 150 years of construction. It became a place on conflict in the Reformation as well, when John Knox preached at St. Andrews Parish Church in 1559, stirring crowds against the Cathedral with its "popery."

These cathedral ruins overlook the North Sea. If you are ever in the area, it is worth spending a few hours taking in the history and beauty of the buildings and the location.

Check out the full photo album at St. Andrews Cathedral - June 2010.


  1. We visited St. Andrews last Spring (a friend of ours is studying Anthropology there) and loved checking out the cathedral. So inspiring!

  2. The kids are so happy looking, oh the back drop is awesome too.

  3. I loved St Andrews when we visited. I was the only one who decided to hike to the top of the cathedral and I'm glad I did - it was beautiful. Of course, we had to walk the 18th hole of the famous golf course as well. ;) Thanks for sharing your photos.


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