Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MacDuff Marine Aquarium

And our car-rental, weekend adventure continues...

After our visits to Tolquhon Castle and Fyvie Castle we headed due north. Our destination was the MacDuff Marine Aquarium, located on the norther coast of Scotland.

Although MacDuff is not as far north as you can go in Scotland, it was definitely the furthest north Darren or I have ever been. The rocky shores were beautiful! When we first arrive, we sat outside the aquarium in the parking lot enjoying the view.

The center of the aquarium was a large, circular, open-air tank containing all the large fish that actually live on the coast of Scotland. There were large salmon, cod, haddock, etc. The kids liked the rays and the Lesser-Spotted Dogfish.

Joshua was especially like the large Wolf Fish. His fearsome teeth are for crushing crabs and sea urchins. This large fish passed by our view window several time, to the great excitement of our kids.

Abigail enjoyed the smaller display tanks full of beautiful Dahlia Anemone. She described each of the colors and sized she saw in this tank.

The large rays were also fascinating to watch. They would practically float around the tanks then sink to the bottom, skimming gently over the rocks and other fish.

Joshua loved this small tank. There were blue lobster, small rays and other funny fish. Several fish, including a ray, loved to poke their noses out of the water. We could lift Joshua up so he could see the fish noses.

There is a small auditorium with view windows of the large central tank. It is probably for educational talks. The kids sat here for the longest time watching the fish swim past.

We also really enjoyed the touch pools with starfish, anemones, hermit crabs and other fun creatures. But somehow I completely forgot to take any pictures.

We had a wonderful time at the aquarium, and enjoyed the beautiful coast! Check out the additional pictures in our photo album: MacDuff Aquarium - June 2010.

Our day was now coming to an end. The kids did great in and out of the car all day. We all went to bed contentedly tired, dreaming of the adventures awaiting us in the morning.


  1. I love that you always end with a great family pic! Each time I think to myself, that is so cool she found someone to photograph them! Then, I remember that you set it yourself. :)

  2. Looks like lots of fun! I've been meaning to take our kids to an aquarium....


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