Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kid's aprons in a snap!

My kids love baking in the kitchen with me. Recently they asked me why they didn't have aprons like mommy, so I had to find an inexpensive, easy solution to this dilemma. 

Here's what we did, in three easy steps...

1. Find a tea towel with a fun pattern. 
Joshua liked the red and blue (his favorite colors) of this 3 for a £ tea towel.

2. Round up some kind of cord or belt that you can use to tie the apron around your child's waist. I was going to use shoe laces, but Joshua immediately thought of his belt and asked for that instead. 

3. Fold the towel in half over the cord or belt and fasten it around your child. Or copy Joshua, and simply have the child hold the towel while you fasten it.

Abigail chose this cute little chickie towel I found in a charity shop for 20 pence.

For her apron, I found a ribbon-belt that I strung through the fold in the towel. 
She didn't want to hold the towel like Joshua did.

And the result was wonderful. They were so inspired and pleased with their new aprons.  Though for next time I think maybe a little gathering or pleating around the belts might make it more comfortable.

What do you do to inspire and include your children in the kitchen?

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