Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goulash: Scotland's only Hungarian Restaurant

Last Saturday evening, Darren and I had the pleasure of eating at Goulash, a little Hungarian restaurant here in Aberdeen. This restaurant is very small and cozy with a nice, warm atmosphere and they served our meal on authentic, Hungarian porcelain plates.

For large groups (we had 13 people in our party), they serve a the full selection of the two-courses in a buffet or family style. This gave us the opportunity to try several of their entrees (appetizers), main courses and desserts. And the food was amazing!

Here are the many dishes we tried. Most of their menu is on their website.

Entrees (appetizers):
  • HUNGARIAN HORS D` OEUVRES -- Hungarian salamis, authentic cured ham, homemade ewe cheese pate, etc.
  • HORTOBÁGY PALACSINTA* -- Minced chicken in a folded pancake with creamy paprika sauce. This was my favorite; the chicken was very flavorful and the pancake (more like a crepe) was the perfect texture.
  • VADAS MEAT BALLS -- Crispy minced wild boar and venison, served with wild berry jam. The wild berry jam with the meatballs was delicious.

Main Courses: (All dishes were incredible!)
  • LECSÓS CSIRKE -- Diced chicken breast with blend of peppers, tomato, herbs and spices, served with rice. This chicken was very flavorful. The chicken was quite tender and the peppers were stewed perfectly.
  • HOMESTEAD SZŰZÉRMÉK* -- Griddled pork medallions topped with smoked cheese, tomato, served with potato croquettes. The homestead szuzermek pork with smoked cheese and tomato was my favorite dish of the night. It was amazing! The pork was so soft it almost melted in my mouth, and the cheese and tomato added the perfect, smokey flavor.
  • ROAST GAME -- Tender wild boar and red deer slices with piquant rich, dark and delicious sauce and potato croquettes. The roast game was very tender and the sauce was delicious. Definitely worth a try if you enjoy venison.
  • TRADITIONAL BEEF PÖRKÖLT (GOULASH)** -- Lean, diced rump steak in mildly hot authentic stew blend of ingredients, served with choices of traditional Hungarian pasta, rice or potatoes. Darren enjoyed both of the beef dishes. His favorite was this goulash. The beef was so tender and the sauce was amazing (I really need a thesaurus).
  • JÓÓASSZONY ROSTÉLYOS -- Tender slice of fillet of beef from the griddle, with authentic ragout blend of fine cut onions, mushrooms, smoky bacon, peas etc. and wedge potatoes. The jooasszony rostelyos was also very tender. I loved the blend of mushrooms and onions it was served with.

  • GUNDEL PALACSINTA -- Ground, sweet walnut purée blend in a folded pancake, served hot with home-made dark chocolate cream. This chocolaty dessert was perfect. Again, I loved the texture of the pancakes. The sweet chocolate was nicely accompanied by the creamy walnut puree.
  • FRUIT STRUDELS* -- Variety of sweetened fruit cubes, some walnut, raisins & herbs filling in layers of  wafer thin pastry. Served hot with optional ice cream or custard. I love strudel and this did not disappoint. We had peach strudel on this particular evening, and it was wonderful. I only wish I could have had more.
Lastly, I had a cup of their Hungarian coffee. This strong coffee is mixed with Casino rum and topped with whipped crème. I ordered this medium sweet, which was perfect to enjoy the flavor of the coffee. But be warned, this is a very strong drink... not just strong coffee, but also strong rum. Although it was good, I couldn't finish it.

I highly recommend this restaurant. A few tips to making the most of your visit...
  • Check out their website for an idea of cost level. It is not the least expensive place, but it is worth the money. I think they coupon vouchers in SPREE.
  • Make sure to call ahead to be assured of seating (it is a very small location), and expect to spend more time than typical.
  • With our three course meal, we were there for several hours (though some of that is because of our large group). It didn't feel slow, but they did allow time to enjoy each service of the meal.


  1. Home cooking will never be the same. I dare say my BBQ chicken has a long way to go. Your aunt can't believe what you ate. But your description made it all sound to good, tasty and yummy.

  2. Did you try to pronounce the menu selection? Could you understand the waiters? I'm still getting accustom to the various accents here and often need an interpretation.


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