Monday, July 5, 2010

Glamis Castle

Last Saturday dawned rather wet and cloudy, but we only had our rental car for 3 days and we were going to make the most of it, rain or shine. The plan was to spend the day in St. Andrews, about two hours south of Aberdeen.

But we decided to make a stop at Glamis Castle (pronounced 'glams' by the locals)on the way. Because of our limited time, the added expense, and the tension of going through "don't-touch" castles with the kids, we decided to enjoy the exterior of the castle and the gardens, and save the interior for another day.

This is a privately owned castle, still occupied by the family. Parts of the grounds and castle are not open to the public. But they go a long way to make the experience enjoyable. The tour guides are dressed in authentic type costumes and shared bit of history with us. Joshua even got to hold the cross bow (not loaded) for the picture.

Behind the castle they have a children's playground and several different nature walks. On our 20 minute walk around the pasture land, we enjoyed a wonderful view of grazing, highland cattle and a few calves. There were also ancient rhododendrons, in full bloom, that rose at least 30 feet tall.

We only had time to visit the Italian gardens ... beautiful! I was especially impressed with the fountains and the beautiful archways created by the trees. The kids love the freedom of open gardens and ran around, finding sticks to play with. They also threw coins (and rocks) into the fountains. There are more pictures of these gardens in our photo album.

Glamis Castle is the most "fairy-tale" castle we have visited here. Beautiful castle! And we hear that interior is also incredible. Maybe we will make it back to see their beautiful, private chapel and suits of armour.

Check out the photo albums with more of the kids, the castle and the gardens at Glamis Castle - June 2010.


  1. Ah Glamis! I know it from studying Macbeth.....way back when. Great pictures.

  2. It's interesting that people still live in the castle. That seems like it would be a fun adventure. What great memories you are making.


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