Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Edzell Castle

Now we begin the adventures of our second weekend with a car. I just finished our trip to St. Andrews, which took place in mid-June. In mid-July we rented a car for a second time, and explored more of northern Scotland.

Our first stop was Edzell Castle, about an hour south of Aberdeen.

After all the gray castles, made of granite and other almost colorless rocks, the red coloring of this castle was a beautiful contrast. You can especially see the coloring in this close up of the outer wall.

One of the most amazing features of this castle ruin was the incredible walled garden.

I love the plant boxes the lines the walls. There were lovely carvings in the walls and the garden house was still in great condition.

We also enjoyed the fields of sheep and goats on the other side of the castle walls. They must have been gathering the animals for sheering or something else because there were an amazingly large number of them all in the adjacent field. The goats sounded comically unreal -- like a person poorly imitating a goat -- with a low "mmaaaaa." Too funny!

We also enjoyed the wild life on the property. Joshua followed a little rabbit through the grass and Abigail was fascinated by the peacocks. You can see more of these animals in our full photo album.

This was a lovely castle, one I would definitely recommend. Though the ruins themselves were not as interesting to the kids, we all enjoyed the walled gardens.

Take a look at more pictures from Edzell, including peacocks, sheep and goats, bunnies and more in our Facebook album: Edzell Castle - July 2010.


  1. I like your pictures, they make me want to see this castle again. The stone carvings especially in the garden on the walls were really interesting. Thanks for the photo journal!
    - The Good Fairy

  2. Wow what great ideas for your own home when you settle down. It'll be hard to decide between tall towers or Walled Gardens with planters. It awe inspiring. But I noticed you and the kids are still bundled up in the middle of summer. You still escorting the family driving? Darren getting use to being in the passenger seat? Such comfort.:-)


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