Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Abigail gets a bob

Today Joshua got his hands on a pair of scissors and decided to cut Abigail's hair. She didn't come running to me, so some how he had convinced her that this was a good idea.

Well the results were somewhat comical, though I was closer to tears than laughter when I first saw it. It was quite the layered bob with several long strands still hanging down her back, almost like a few poorly-placed "rat-tails" from the 80's.

By the time we took pictures, I had already cut the long strands. But you can see some of the layering on this side that Joshua added.

I tried very hard to blend in all the various lengths in her hair. I finally had to stop, knowing that I was just cutting shorter and shorter. Its just hair... it grows back.

Joshua giving a "sorry" hug. She wasn't convinced that she wanted a hug...

So here is her new haircut. I know it is not the same length on each side, but I really couldn't bring myself to cut the other side as short as Joshua had.  

I can laugh about it now (especially remembering the haircuts I may or may not have given my sisters as kids).  But I'm still disappointed about no more pig tails for a while...


  1. Oh, Christy!!!!!!! I was so shocked when I saw your title! But, rest assured that Abigail looks precious!!!

  2. I love the new look. She looks like a little doll! Loved getting to know you better on our recent trip.


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