Monday, May 31, 2010

Walking with the Dinosaurs

Last week I took the kids down to the Satrosphere Science Center, here in Aberdeen to check out the new exhibit, 'Walking with the Dinosaurs.' Some of our friends joined us for the morning.

Satrosphere has special Little Scientist Days with extra activities focused on younger children. It is a small science center, but we tried to make the most of our time there. They also have a small, padded play area for little kids next to the cafe. We spent quite a bit of time there playing with our friends.

The kids wandered the exhibit, looking at the dinosaur bones and the models used by BBC in their TV series of the same name. It took a few times through the exhibit to really start to catch their interest.

Joshua enjoyed watching clips of the BBC special on TV screens throughout the exhibit. The big volcano eruption at the end was the most interesting.

They also had a small 'I-spy' sheet for kids, to encourage them to hunt for the dinosaurs they saw on their paper. Joshua just found a model that was pictured on his sheet.

They also had a dinosaur story time that the kids really enjoyed. We have been checking out dinosaur books at the library, too. Joshua keeps asking questions about why there are not any dinosaurs around now and what happened to them.

After story time, the kids got to make their own dinosaurs. They have been playing with these all week. We had a fun time and will probably go back again on another Little Scientist Day.

Check out more pictures from our dinosaur adventure at Dinosaurs - May 2010.

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