Monday, June 28, 2010

Tolquhon Castle

With our rental car loaded and ready, we headed out on our family adventure. Our first stop was Tolquhon Castle (pronounced toll-hon') about half-an-hour north of Aberdeen (though not accessible by public transportation).

The initial tower to this beautiful ruin was built in the 15th century. This is a great castle to explore with kids. It is safe enough to let them wander (a little) and explore all the nooks and crannies.

The gate house has fascinating gun holes that provide a perfect view of the front lawns. Abigail especially like looking through these hole at the dog playing outside. (See our photo album for pictures of these holes).

The original tower was in the front corner of the tower, while the later family quarters (seen in the background) have the huge fireplaces, wonderful rooms, hiding places for the family treasure, and even a dungeon (that is literally a deep, dark hole).

The country side was beautiful. This castle had an amazing view of the surrounding lands, including cattle and a pigeon house (with a few nesting boxes still intact).

Joshua and Abigail loved all the staircases to climb, and I loved all the safety measures taken to help the kids (like railings).

This was a beautiful start to our family adventures! After lunch in our car (it was too windy for our planned picnic), we headed out for more fun.  Check out more pictures from Tolquhon in our photo album, Tolquhon Castle - June 2010. And come back soon to read about the other things we did on our weekend with a car...

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  1. I really loved that castle- granted it was Josh's birthday and a really warm day!


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