Friday, June 25, 2010

Sports Day!

Today was Sports Day for the Nursery children (Preschoolers) at Joshua's school. They practiced all week for a series of races and relays. It was originally scheduled for yesterday, but was canceled due to rain. So today the kids and parents all gathered in the school yard to enjoy the fun.

Here is Joshua crossing the finish line of the first race. He was so proud of himself. 
They each received a sticker at the end of the race.

In the second race, the kids had to run to the hoops, pull them over their heads, step out of them and run to the finish line.

The third race had bucket and shovels spread across the field that each child had to retrieve before crossing the finishing.

At the end, the pulled the families into the race to get involved. First, any fathers and grandfathers raced with the kids; then the mothers and grandmothers (Abigail join Joshua and I on that race); and lastly, the kids raced with their younger siblings. Abigail was so excited to race with Joshua.

After all the sports activities, there was a medal ceremony where each child was presented with a medal for their hard work. 

What a fun afternoon! Check out the rest of the pictures at Joshua's Sports Day.

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  1. These are wonderful, memorable days in a child's life. Your son looks very pleased with himself! and rightfully so.


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